Kirti Maya kindly welcomes you to get on board on a gourmet train of silky road adventure all the way from Nepal to Lahti, Finland!

All of our dishes are prepared in our very own kitchen using our own Nepalese recipes, dedicated to our family and loved ones in Nepal. If not otherwise mentioned, all our main courses include freshly baked naan bread, raita, homemade fresh tomato chutney and Saffron rice. The dishes are designed gluten-free unless otherwise mentioned. Papadoms are made of chickpea flour and ‘cos of that excellent bread choice for gluten free diet.


People can taste spiciness differently but we’re trying to make it easier on the menu by marking the dishes ‘medium’, ‘hot’ or ‘extra hot’. If you prefer extra extra spicy, please ask for it. Please enjoy your stay & don’t hesitate to ask if anything’s on your mind! Welcome!

-The Kirti Maya Crew